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Hearing service dog

A Service dog for hearing-impaired.

A person with a physical disability often depends on the immediate environment for performing both complex and simple tasks, the service dog is trained to perform dozens of different skills and thus meets his need for independence, prevents frustration and improves his quality of life.

A hearing-impaired service dog learns to alert his owner of a variety of sounds - crying baby, someone calling the person's name, a bell ringing, knocking on the door, sounds of electric devices such as oven, washing machine and more.

Beyond the functional aspect, the service dog's owner enjoys additional benefits.

The service dog gives a sense of security, reduces the level of anxiety from emergencies and improves the owner's sense of control and sense of self-ability.

The service dog meets every person's basic need to love and be loved, which is a significant need especially for a person with disabilities who often suffers from deterrence or social isolation.

Moreover, in the social context, the service dog functions as a natural "ice breaker", contributing to social connections and as for children, the dog can even improve their social status.

Like any dog, the service dog is also seen as a life companion, who gives the owner joy in difficult times and a reason to get up in the morning. The sense of responsibility for the dog's well-being has a positive effect on the daily routine and the level of daily activity.

Alerts may include:

Knocking on the door
עיצוב ללא שם (22).png
Open refrigerator
Bell ringing
Sounds from electrical devices
Crying baby
עיצוב ללא שם (21).png
A person calls your name
Alarm clock
Sounds on the mobile phone
Custom bell
Phone ringing
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