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Declaration and commitment to members joining the MSDI organization.

Compliance with MSDI organization standards. These standards provide a framework of principles aimed at representing professionalism, skills, and values.

As members/candidates/accredited centers/examiners (referred to collectively as "members"), each one as an individual member shall commit to the following actions:

  • Commitment to continue professional development through reading relevant materials, participating in conferences, workshops, and seminars, and seeking other educational opportunities.

  • Commitment to review and understand academic research and texts for information.

  • Commitment to refrain from presenting training and behavior information as scientific and conclusive, unless the information is derived from academic research that has been conducted and published with unambiguous and unqualified results.

  • Commitment to refrain from providing guarantees regarding the outcome of the training program without coordinating reasonable expectations.

  • Commitment to always maintain personal professionalism by:

  • Providing your services with integrity

  • Treating animals and clients with respect

  • Maintaining client confidentiality

  • Maintaining professionalism towards colleagues and other professionals

  • Commitment not to share, distribute, disseminate, or publish any professional information contained in the MSDI organization's work protocols without explicit written approval from the organization's representatives.

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