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Commitment to Customer

  • Commitment to provide professional assistance to people without discrimination based on race, age, ethnic origin, socio-economic status, disabilities, gender, health status, religion, political beliefs, national origin, or sexual orientation.

  • Commitment to be aware of and comply with applicable laws.

  • Commitment to report animal bites and suspected abuse or neglect.

  • Commitment to respect customers' right to make decisions regarding their pets' management, training, and care. The trainer's responsibility is to assist customers and ensure they understand the possible consequences of these decisions.

  • Commitment to obtain customers' consent before recording video/audio or allowing third-party observation.

  • Commitment to obtain signed waivers, contracts, or agreements before starting the service.

  • Commitment to ensure and supervise the safety of customers, animals, and the public during the training program.

  • Commitment to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of customer information and not share confidential information that could reasonably lead to the identification of a customer, potential customer, research participant, or other individual with whom they have a confidential relationship, unless they have obtained their prior written consent.

  • Commitment to maintain accurate and complete documentation of all customers, their pets, the services provided, and the completion of services provided.

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