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Professionalism and integrity

  • Commitment to learning, professional development, and keeping up to date with new knowledge.

  • Commitment to maintaining a comprehensive knowledge of current laws, and compliance with them.

  • Commitment to providing truthful and representative advertising.

  • Commitment to refraining from providing guarantees regarding the specific outcome of the training program without properly coordinating realistic expectations.

  • Commitment to providing full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest to clients and other professionals.

  • Commitment to working only within the scope of their professional education and expertise.

  • Commitment to seeking consultation/help when dealing with complexity or difficult cases and avoiding taking cases beyond their professional experience.

  • Commitment to not allowing employees/subcontractors to perform professional services beyond their training, education, and experience.

  • Commitment to respecting colleagues and other professionals, including condemning unprofessional behavior, and refraining from public interpretation, including in public presentations, written communication, internet sites, online discussion forums, or social media, in any way that may be interpreted as disrespectful, derogatory, or demeaning, with an emphasis on bullying on the internet, that is, the use of electronic media for deliberate, recurring, and hostile behavior against colleagues.

  • Commitment to maintaining comprehensive professional liability insurance and any other insurance required by law.

  • Commitment to transparency and explaining to clients all financial arrangements and fees related to the contractual relationship between the parties.

  • Commitment to accurately presenting their skills, education, experience, and any other relevant qualifications to clients and other professionals.

  • Commitment not to use headlines that may mislead the public about the identity, responsibility, source, or status of the coach.

  • Commitment not to present themselves as providers of special services unless they have the appropriate education, training, or experience.

  • Commitment to refrain from presenting false presentations, logos, or authority that the coach is no longer entitled to.

  • Commitment to agree to use the most up-to-date logos of the MSDI organization and to follow recommendations for marketing materials.

  • Commitment not to engage in commercial fraud, infringement of copyrights, malicious use or exploitation of logos, trademarks, theft of intellectual property, slander, and defamation.

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